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Trying Pure Michigan Mix // Will Gilly's be the sports spot? // Pistons Summer League success // DCFC scoring woes continue

Fletcher Sharpe joins Jer to talk a little sports, a little development, and try a new thing. 00:30 First, we try the new Pure Michigan Mix from McDonalds. Sprite Lymonade and Fanta Blue Raspberry frozen drink. Thumbs up or down? And what could be improved? 05:32 A new sports-ish bar is coming to downtown Detroit, Gilly’s. It’s to honor Dan Gilbert’s late son Nick, who died all too soon of Neurofibramatosis. Will Detroit finally get that great sports bar that for son long we missed, back...

Trying Peeps Pepsi; Baobab Fare on Chopped Tuesday; Olga's talk + more

On this Monday, we're hoping for a better week so we're talking about some fun food things around town. We try Peeps Pespi; we discuss the growth of cookie places in the area; Shianne shares her love for Olga's and their McClure's pickle collab; Baobob Fare's co-owner will be on Chopped on Food Network on Tuesday at 8pm; and we discuss some of the top bars in town by liquor sales. As always - feedback, dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com. Support us on Patreon:

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