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10 Detroit Urban Farms Rooting Goodness Into The City

According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, there are about 10 million acres of farmland in Michigan and the state is home to 52,194 farms. As Detroit’s landscape has changed with depopulation, urban agriculture has sprung up in lots and fields across the city. Besides simply growing food, these are places to learn, teach, and spend quality time. According to Keep Growing Detroit, there are 1,400 urban gardens and farms located in Detroit. Through those operation...

Project To Answer Food Safety Questions In Detroit’s Urban Gardens

The rise of urban gardens in historically industrial city may be a shock to many, but they’re happening, and big time.  These gardens provide free or at least inexpensive food that is healthy and sustainable as well as educate children and other community members about food production and rehabilitating the local ecosystem. Along with these benefits questions also have come up. Is there a risk of contamination when growing gardens in cities, especially historically industrial ones like Detro...

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