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Metro Detroit primary predictions + punditry (ft. Steve Friess, Newsweek)

It's Primary Election Day in Michigan! Steve Friess is here to help unpack it and make some predictions relevant to Metro Detroit. Then, we'll look back at it later this week and see how we did and what surprises there were in 2022. We'll talk about the new 13th District involving Portia Roberson, Adam Hollier, Shri Thanadar and others. The race between Andy Levin and Haley Stevens in Oakland County As well as the gubernatorial race and how recent events have changed the odds, and some others...

Go Vote On Tuesday! (Plus 10 Terrible Reasons Not To Vote)

Detroit (and we’ll use the most inclusive form of that for the purposes of this post) is kind of at a crossroads. And you should be involved. According to what the Facebook and our analytics tells us, as well as who we run into at places like My Dad’s Bar (HI! Really appreciated that random hug from someone who reads us while we were out the other night) our audience is overwhelmingly from the ages of 25-35, and our core team that is Daily Detroit is right there with you (and yes, we have some o...

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