West Riverfront Park2

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Charivari To Fill West Riverfront Park With Magical House Beats This Weekend

As far as events go, you can’t get more beautiful than Charivari. The festival, for me, reminds me of when I fell in love with Detroit music. The days when you’d have good times with good people, dancing to amazing music from DJs in tents not yards but feet away from you, and it didn’t cost a zillion dollars. Some of my best memories of this city have been created at this festival. So this is a completely biased review. If you have only experienced electronic music (especially House Mus...

Detroit's West Riverfront Park Aims To Become A World Class Destination, Gets Grant For Design Competition

Detroit’s riverfront to the east has undergone an immense transformation and has won numerous awards. Now, if all goes to plan, the West Riverfront Park will become a “world class” destination. If you’re not familiar, West Riverfront Park is a 22 acre parcel between Eighth and Rosa Parks Boulevard along the Detroit riverfront, just behind the giant post office there on Fort. Various events like MoPop and this year’s Charivari Festival will be held there. To make this reimagination happen, yo...

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