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Here's Where To Drink In Detroit Like Don Draper

Even though we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the grand finale of Mad Men, it’s clear the show and its characters have left an indelible mark on collective pop culture. Try and find a new office or commercial renovation that isn’t dripping with mid-century modern, or “hip” creative workplace that doesn’t come equipped with an in-office bar cart to delight the would be Peggy’s, Pete’s, and Harry’s of today’s millennial workforce. The “Incredulous Don Draper” meme (you know the on...

Let’s Get Epic On The East Side

When it comes to a good party, the east side of Detroit might not be the first place to cross your mind. You probably have heard about hot bar districts in Corktown, Midtown, Ferndale, Royal Oak, or other places. But nestled on the eastern Detroit border are a set of establishments that can provide an amazing time, if you know where to go. On Detroit’s east side you will find a friendly mix of clientele from the Pointes and Detroit. The list we’ve put together here offers a solid night out tha...

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