Today, stories to know around town:

00:43 – Jer thinks there’s a problem with framing when it comes to a recent set of stories locally and nationally at a number of outlets about 246 people getting COVID-19 after being vaccinated. He argues that leading with that number and not putting the context of 1.7 million people vaccinated up at the top plays on fear and helps spur misinformation.

03:00 – COVID-19 cases continue to rage. We’re in an “extreme” situation according to COVIDACTNOW in Metro Detroit. We run through the data and the stories as 3,000 people are hospitalized and we had more than 8,000 cases Wednesday.

04:56 – The all-electric Chevy Silverado and Hummer EV are being built right here in Detroit.

05:45 – Housing affordability has worsened in the United States and in Metro Detroit. Detroit area rents are up significantly since February 2020, more than 5% per month. National demand for Detroit is increasing and now, according to Zumper, a top five destination for people looking to move to.

06:48 – A local state lawmaker may be in legal hot water after a crash Tuesday

07:50 – How to get some American Coney Island Vans shoes

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