There's so much to enjoy in Detroit, but did you know how much?

A refreshed list of bars, restaurants and cafes across the city - focused on those that are experiences and small businesses - is out. More than 900 spots to see if you've done every one! Plus, it's broken down by sections of the city depending on where you live or visit.

All newly updated for the first time since the world paused. The City Institute is an organization that helps people be in love and lift up where they live.

Based here in Detroit, their work spans out - sometimes bringing the best ideas from other places back, too. In a conversation perfect for 313 Day, Jeanette Pierce joins us to talk about so many of the things that make Detroit great, as well as things cities and regions to can do to take it to the next level.

You can get that list and learn more at:

Show rundown:

02:04 - The Checklist of cafes, bars and restaurants in Detroit has been updated! More than 900 spots. We talk about why, who, and what's important to know.

10:44 - The City Institute does more than make lists, they make connections. We talk about a recent trip to Columbus and Indianapolis.

14:43 - What are some things other cities are doing we can learn from? And the misnomer that you have to always have warm weather bring people in to live, work and play.

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