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People’s preferences are changing. There very well may be a day in the not too distant future where a majority of people do not own their own cars. Younger generations seem to be more into the shared economy as opposed to having a love for the personally owned motor vehicle.

And sometimes, even if they do love cars, they don’t have the financial resources that the previous generation did.

To that end, you probably knew that Detroit is major center of the development of the automobile. But we’re now transitioning to developing more than just the traditional vehicle — to creating technology and solutions that helps people get around. That’s mobility.

Today’s episode talks about that mobility industry in Metro Detroit. Not just Detroit, the Motor City… but Detroit, the Mobility City.

There are numerous startups and the big players – including Ford and GM – that are serious about it and there’s a lot of money being spent.

After all, that new Ford campus that’s happening in Corktown? That’s about developing this kind of technology right here in Detroit.

That conversation, led by Sven Gustafson – is with Glenn Stevens.  He’s the Executive Director of MICHauto. That’s an initiative of the Detroit Regional Chamber.

And even though he’s the head of a group called MICHauto, you might be surprised that his answers to the challenges and opportunities Metro Detroit has is not just to add more cars to the road.

Mobility and transit issues are also very real where we live. We touch on the challenges everyday people have around those issues in a city with areas with different needs and the way forward for a region that will never have something like a subway.

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