Welcome to Friday!

Lions fans everywhere are a little slow today, and so are we after the late night win.

01:27 – Devon and Jer talk about the win, why the Lions are going to spoil some teams fun, and how the tables have turned. Stock in blue Kool-Aid is up.

05:03 – Devon, Jer and Engineer Randy previewed The Godfrey Hotel and rooftop I/O lounge last night in Detroit’s Corktown, on Michigan Ave. just east of Trumbull. Lots of thoughts and takes. There’s also excitement about The Hamilton, not ready yet but a steakhouse we’re told by the same people who do Leila and The Phoenecian, both well regarded restaurants. 

13:13 – Jer went to a travel industry event with Travel America and came away with some thoughts. One, Metro Detroit is a far bigger destination for travel than some local I think know; and that it’s The Henry Ford / Greenfield Village that is the top tourism draw in the area. 

15:42 – A sidebar on that converstaion is that there was a whole panel on autonomous vehicles and the like. Not said at this event, but piecing it together that it seems the powers that be are leaned in to autonomous vehicles as the future choice if you don’t have a personal car with you as Metro Detroit’s population and destinations are so physically spread out and fast transit like rail will be expensive.

20:22 – And then we loop back to a question about late night food offerings, and ask if the future of late night eats is restaurants located in hotels around town that have the built-in crowd to help support them.

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