The city of Detroit has a new strategic transportation plan they unveiled Friday.

The plan focuses on improvements to Detroit’s transportation system. It’s not just updates to the bus system, which is getting 50 new bus shelters. The plan looks at projects that would slow down cars in neighborhoods, resurface more than 300 miles of roads, implement smart technology in signals…. and of course, lower the highest-in-the-nation car insurance rates in the city.

Other highlights include implementing more protected bike lanes, expanding the MoGo bike sharing system (as we’ve previously reported), and clearer signage.

Under the plan, all aspects of transportation will now be considered when making development decisions.

The city says when a new streetscape is being planned, a project manager will work with traffic engineers, planners, municipal parking managers, DDOT operations, and the department of neighborhoods to make sure constituent voices are heard in the project.

Sample of the new transportation plan.

The plan features five main goals: economic opportunity, safety, vibrancy, community outreach, and city functionality.

Although common in other cities, it’s notable for a place perceived as the Motor City to focus on transit. But the fact is that more than a quarter of Detroit households don’t own a car, and Detroit is in the top 10 in the nation for carless cities, just behind Chicago.

You can find the complete plan here. 

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