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Although cases are lower than areas right now, the path isn’t looking good. Soon we’ll be in another COVID outbreak – along with hospitalizations – thanks to the Delta variant and a high percentage of unvaccinated people who are vulnerable to getting catastrophically sick.

On today’s episode of the Daily Detroit podcast (Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify) this is our focus.

With just 40 percent of city residents vaccinated and less than half of state of Michigan citizens, we’re in for a rough time with the Delta variant that spreads faster.

To help get us ready, educator and nurse John Campbell joins me from the U.K. He has a popular YouTube channel that I’ve been following this whole pandemic for science-based, smart and practical knowledge about what’s happening in the world.

And as the Delta variant has spread around the world first, I thought it important to get international perspective. After all, the cases and positive test rates are rising fast here in Metro Detroit.

In Michigan last week, 10 counties qualified under CDC guidance as high-transmission areas. Now, 31 do, including Oakland and Macomb.

The respected nurse and academic has a doctorate focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally. He’s very good at helping things make sense.

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