This might be your last chance to take home a piece of Joe Louis Arena, home to the Red Wings and countless concert memories from 1979-2017.

The old Joe seats are being sold starting at $50 for the next two weeks. There are fancier seats available for a bit more money.

This is quite the price drop. Back in May, if you wanted a specific seat, they cost $200 each with a two-seat minimum for season ticket holders.

For this round, you’ll need to buy at least two, and if you want them to be free-standing you’ll need to add feet (that they conveniently sell for at least another $94).

There’s more for sale, including artwork, billboards, lighting, locker room fixtures, red railings from the riverfront entrance, and signage. That will to happen on Tuesday, October 23 online. The auction starts at 8 a.m. and lasts one day.

Here’s a link to

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