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Eastern Market is going through a lot of change. Shops are closing or moving. New land owners are moving in. Companies who have been in the market a long time need to expand. And at the center of it all is the Eastern Market Corporation (now the Eastern Market Partnership).

Their CEO, Dan Carmody, saw these changes coming and along with his organization has a plan. We talk about the changing neighborhood, the future vision, and how he defines the soul and authenticity of Eastern Market they’re looking to protect.

It’s an interview that anyone who cares about the market that’s beloved by Detroiters near and far should give a listen.

Also today from the Mackinac Policy Conference:

Gretchen Whitmer signed into law auto insurance changes. But is it reform, or incremental progress? Detroit will still have the highest car insurance rates in the nation, and Michigan, the second-highest.

And, there’s a $200 million bond proposal coming to pay for eliminating all blight in the city of Detroit by 2024.

Thanks for listening!

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