It looks like the Staples location just a bit east of downtown Detroit has met an unceremonious demise.

In general, office supplies bought through retail stores is dying and transitioning to the web.

The location at Jefferson and Joseph Campau is in a good place for a lot of things. It’s just down the street from a set of restaurants, there are plenty of residences in short distance, and it has parking out front.


Pulling into the lot, you find not only the letters on the ground – but a banner encouraging folks to visit the “Grosse Point” store on Mack (the proper spelling of the name is “Pointe” with an “e”).

The area is seeing renewed interest in other ways, and an office supply retailer might not be the best use for the space today. On the same block, Bucharest is scheduled to open in the old Lucky’s Pub & Grille spot after leaving their location next to the Park Bar as well as the first 7-Eleven in Detroit in 11 years opened in 2014. Also, down Joseph Campau toward the river, Atwater is expanding their brewpub.

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