Earlier this week we talked about an incident where on a Delta flight from Detroit, according to Dr. Tamika Cross, she was denied the ability to help a fellow passenger in distress by the flight crew.

Delta Airlines released a statement yesterday that they’re doing a full investigation, and said in part:

We are troubled by any accusations of discrimination and take them very seriously. The experience Dr. Cross has described is not reflective of Delta’s culture or of the values our employees live out every day. We are in the process of conducting a full investigation … Three medical professionals identified themselves on the flight in question. Only one was able to produce documentation of medical training and that is the doctor who was asked to assist the customer onboard. In addition, paramedics met the flight to assist the customer further.

Regardless of the exact particulars of the specific situation, to many on social media this is bigger than one incident and an opportunity to not only call out Delta, but highlight racism and sexism in medicine. Today a hashtag that has been trending on Facebook and Twitter, #ThisIsWhatBlackDoctorsLookLike as wll as #WhatADoctorLooksLike that has black doctors showing solidarity by sharing pictures of themselves, and asking “What credentials should I carry?”

The story has made NBC News, The Huffington Post and other national outlets.

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