Detroit didn’t always have a lackluster transit system. At one point, it was something that filled our city full of pride (and we hope, one day, it will again).

While wandering around the Internet, we found this great three part series called “Getting About.” It’s a promotional video by the old Department of Street Railways.

The scale of our infrastructure in Detroit was impressive. We used to make our own parts for our street cars, and had acres of yard to support them. 400 streetcars would be redone every year – where today, just now are we starting to get a handle on keeping our fleet of 192 buses on the street daily. Oh, and a significant fleet of buses in 1935, too.

So sit back, sip some egg nog and enjoy a little Detroit history for the holidays. The street scenes are cool in these. We’ve embedded the first section above, and then the other two below.

Part three:

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