If Cass Community Social Services is successful, currently homeless people are going to have the opportunity to own their own tiny home. The organization is campaigning for funds for its Tiny Homes project. Through this project, the non-profit will provide clean, safe, and affordable housing for low-income Detroiters.

The Tiny Homes will be located two blocks north of Cass’s campus at Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst. Such a close location will enable residents of the Tiny Homes to access most of the services available at Cass, including educational, recreational, nutritional, medical, mental, and social.

In the video above, Rev. Faith Fowler, head of Cass Community Social Services, says:

“Poor people don’t have any safety net, so just one bump in the road throws them back … By giving them a place to live, all of the sudden, poor people would have an asset that would change their life … forever.”

The project will convert a neighborhood full of vacant lots and abandoned houses to one that’s full of diversity and energy. Each Tiny House will be a permanent structure with porches, decks, gardens, and yards. Through the Tiny Homes, Cass hopes to permanently break the cycle of poverty.


Once finished, they will be rented out and the people in the homes will have the chance to earn the property. The homes would be located at Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst and there would be 20-25 homes at 300-400 square feet each.

The Tiny Homes will be relatively inexpensive to construct and maintain. Contractors will use EnergyStar appliances, thick R rated insulation, and low-flow faucets to reduce each structure’s carbon footprint.

You can help Cass reach its goal of $100,000 for the Tiny Homes project by supporting them in their CharityChallenge. Click here to make a donation and help Cass continue to make significant, positive changes in the Metro Detroit area.

If funded, the homes would be finished by the end of the summer.

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