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One of the people at the center of Detroit’s building boomlet is Todd Sachse, the CEO and Founder of Sachse Construction.

You probably have seen their banners on various projects around town, but today on the Daily Detroit Happy Hour, Sven Gustafson dives in with Todd on some very interesting topics around Detroit’s comeback.

  • Detroit’s construction “boom” still lags other cities around activity – our “boom” is much less than the “normal” activity of other cities — and the opportunity in that
  • How we’re out of buildings to even keep the pace of development we have now
  • Each hotel room built creates 2.5 permanent jobs
  • How Detroit will develop in a “T” as well as some “pods” around town
  • The importance of sticking by employees in a recession so that when you come out of it, you’re ready as a company

He’s someone who’s running one of the companies at the center of it all, so if you’re interested in Detroit’s turnaround, have a listen.

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