At first blush, coffee on bicycle cart sounds a little crazy (and tasty), but it’s coming to Metro Detroit thanks to a popular online crowdfunding campaign. Tomo Coffee Company has surpassed their $7000 Kickstarter goal by more than $1,000 for a custom-made bike cart. The unique bike will transport a cold brew keg and tap system to sell ready-to-drink 16-ounce cups of coffee for $3 to $4.

Wesley Eggebrecht (left), Kara Eggebrecht (middle), and Alex MacKenzie (right)

Business partners Kara Eggebrecht, Wesley Eggebrecht and Alex Mackenzie were able to reach their goal through Facebook and Instagram with the help of friends and family. Attention from multiple Metro Detroit media sources followed and increased publicity.

The Tomo Coffee Company will bring a new coffee drinking experience to Detroit by making their coffees from coffee concentrate using the cold brew method, which creates a smoother finish and showcases the natural flavors of the bean without the acidic taste. Adding hot or cold water will not change the flavor, just the temperature.

tomo coffee

Their quest for the perfect iced coffee started when couple Kara and Wesley moved back to Michigan from Boston, where iced coffee is very popular. They moved back because they missed Michigan. They noticed iced coffee was not the same in Detroit so they started experimenting with different methods of making coffee. They got the idea for a bike cart when a friend sent them a picture of one that an Ohio coffee company used. They believe a bike cart is the perfect fit with their company because coffee shops can be repetitive and bike carts let people receive coffee in a unique way while enjoying the summer weather.

You’ll be able to find Tomo Coffee’s cart at Eastern Market and the Birmingham Farmers Market. The bike will be finished around summer of this year.

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