That’s the word from TimeOut magazine, including one of Detroit’s own in their list of 15 that had entrants from cities like New York, Seattle, Denver, Austin, and more. Their pick in their national list of noodle spots from across the country for the best was Johnny Noodle King, the brainchild of Green Dot Stables founder Jacques Driscoll.

Special shout-out was given to Chef Les Molnar, who had a large hand in the kick-off of Green Dot’s menu. The place, if you’re into noodles, offers both more traditional options as well as creative non-traditional offerings.

In recent years, the Motor City has emerged as one of the country’s top food destinations, with chefs like Johnny Noodle King’s Les Molnar reshaping the local dining landscape. At his diner-turned-ramen-ya, bowls range from the traditional—like a creamy tonkotsu made from boiled-down pig’s trotters and heads—to the delightfully inauthentic Southwest #2, brimming with green chilies, corn, coriander-roasted carrots and fish sauce.
– via Time Out United States

Pay tribute to Johnny Noodle King at 2601 W. Fort Street in Detroit.

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