Two fixtures of eastside Detroit dining are due to be gussied up.

We previously reported on the purchase of an eastside favorite, Karas Brothers. Now comes word that the new owners of the St. Clair Shores restaurant are going to close the place — known for its great breakfasts and gyros — for two weeks for a makeover.

On Facebook, the new owners say they plan to stay true to its core but are adding quote “a little twist to make it feel more at home for us and our customers.”

Karas currently has an overall four-and-a-half star rating on Yelp.

Karas Brothers is located at 27414 Harper Avenue
in St. Clair Shores | Facebook page

In other eastside remodeling news, longtime Detroit steakhouse Capers is also undergoing a freshening.

Capers is known for serving steak by the ounce and its crazy Margaritas. It’s located on Gratiot just south of State Fair and has been around since 1982. Here’s our previous write-up.

Both the inside and the outside of the restaurant have been remodeled. They’re aiming to re-open on Thursday evening.

Capers is located at 14726 Gratiot in Detroit | Website

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