The single life is fun, but there are still challenges. One of those is making sure not only there’s enough people to meet to improve your chances, but also fun things to do.

The folks from wanted to identify where singles should be living for both the opportunity to find a partner and plenty of fun date activities. Here are the qualities they looked at, using Dunn & Bradstreet data on cities of 25,000+ as their benchmark.

  • Percentage of people who’ve never been married.
  • Restaurants per 10K people.
  • Movie theaters per 10K people.
  • Bars per 10K people.
  • Museums, zoos and botantical gardens per 10K people.
  • WalkIQ, which measures the walkability of an area.

Turns out many of these are college towns, where the population is inherently younger and less likely to be previously married.

So enough with the methodology. Where to go in Michigan?


Coming in at number 10 on their list, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan! Home to Central Michigan University.

Singles Index: 86.2
Population: 26,095
Percentage of People Who’ve Never Been Married: 68.0%
Restaurants per 10K People: 30.1
Bars per 10K People: 7.3
Museums, Zoos and Botanical Gardens per 10K People: 1.1
WalkIQ: 76

via Wikipedia
via Wikipedia

And then for number 3? East Lansing. The Spartans may not have won against Alabama in the Cotton Bowl, but they did win here. Alabama isn’t even in the top 20.

Singles Index: 87.9
Population: 48,611
Percentage of People Who’ve Never Been Married:77.5%
Restaurants per 10K People: 26.2
Movie Theaters per 10K People: 0.4
Bars per 10K People: 3.5
Museums, Zoos and Botanical Gardens per 10K People: 1.2
WalkIQ: 80

Taking the top spot is State College, Pennsylvania. For the complete list, check it out here.

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