The promo film above by Jam Handy productions in 1966 is a window into 1960s Detroit. Whether it’s the style of dress, the idea that a major radio station had a “fine arts director,” or the sheer campiness of some of the conversation, this video is a neat mid-century modern step back in time.

It’s a pitch film for advertisers for WJR radio in the Fisher Building, “One Of A Kind.” Radio legends J.P. McCarthy and Ernie Harwell are in their younger years, but their voices are as recognizable as always. The advertising logos at the end are of some companies you’ll know today.. And quite a few, like Hudson’s and A&P, you won’t find around here anymore.

So enjoy a little Detroiticana. Grab your transistor radio with the pull antenna and travel back 50 years with this video.

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