A lot of focus is on the Detroit 3 when it comes to coverage around here. Of course there is — they employ thousands and thousands of people directly and through dealers.

Not to mention, the companies and the dealers dump tons into advertising.

And let’s be honest. Detroit is a company town. So companies that are making something happen that aren’t part of the old guard sometimes get missed in the conversation.

But now that Amazon has invested in Rivian to the tune of $700 million — an electric car maker based here in Plymouth Township — heads are starting to turn locally. And there’s been talk that General Motors will hop in too, but as of this writing it hasn’t happened.

So here’s a video tour of the Rivian engineering and design facility. We produced this with Detroit Public Television’s One Detroit. The piece originally aired a couple months ago but has been updated with new information and includes an interview with the Rivian CEO R.J. Scaringe.

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