It’s one of the enduring mysteries of the Detroit area – a hum that’s apparently heard on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, but not on the American.

It’s called the “Windsor Hum” by many, and it’s alleged that it comes from the noxious Zug Island, an island created by man by digging out a second canal from the Rouge River.

However, due to a lack of access to the island itself, a report done by the Canadian government can’t be certain.

Where Zug Island is today at one point in history was envisioned to be a beautiful, large family treasure for the relatives of Samuel Zug. Instead, the area that’s a little smaller than a square mile turned out to be too marshy and was sold for industrial development.

There is a factual inaccuracy in the piece we need to point out. Vice News says that the island is nearly five miles from Detroit itself; in fact, the island borders the city of Detroit.

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