The local internet is abuzz with the nod to Detroit that Nick Jonas gave to Detroit at the Grammys with a shirt that had, in stencil lettering, “Detroit” on it.

The shirt is one that he has a stake in promoting as one of many who are creating brands in light of the rise of the Detroit name.

After all, a marketing study showed that “Made in Detroit” has a much higher resonance with customers than even “Made in America.”

Last week was the announcement that designer John Varvatos (from Metro Detroit and purveyor of very expensive clothes) and Jonas had partnered for a line called JV x NJ.

Here’s a look from E! News.

In the partnership statement Jonas said, “In our first conversation we were talking about Detroit. I’ve had the chance to play some really iconic music venues there and I love the city. I love the people, and so we thought, let’s take a great American city and show some love, pay respect to so many musical icons and just great men and women that have come out of there.”

He also has a hoodie available with a stylized tiger that says “Rock City” on it for a cool $168.

They have a linen t-shirt for $178, and a leather jacket for $798. You can find them here.

Jonas is from Dallas, Texas. Varvatos is from the area, but as far as business operations, maintains a retail outlet on Woodward Avenue downtown but their corporate headquarters is in New York City.

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