An idiom of Biblical origin, a werewolf in sheep’s clothing depicts a character that plays role contrary to their true nature. It is a dangerous human relationship to experience, and yet a compelling artistic one to curate. The exhibition, Ware Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, opens at Pewabic this Friday, Jan. 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Detroit, Michigan.

Titled through their work, exhibition artists, Steve Hansen and Kip O’Krongly, address issues that find difficulty making whole connections in our society. Specifically issues relevant in Detroit.

“O’Krongly’s work explores the intertwining and complicated connections between food production, transportation, and energy use. Issues we often see in Detroit’s urban farming communities. Steve Hansen’s works reflect Detroit’s industrial history,” said Chrys Bonnay-Lewis, program director.

Both Steve Hansen and Kip O’Krongly are exhibiting decorated wares: mugs, bowls, platters, vases. The functional works amuse and question, simultaneously.

Photo Credit Pewabic Facebook page.
Photo Credit Pewabic Facebook page.

“Beautifully executed, fun and whimsical, with a great deal to delve into on and below the surface, the show appeals to visitors of all ages and backgrounds,” said Bonnay-Lewis.

Artists have always provided an important voice in and record of history. Ware Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing inspires discourse fittingly to our developing city community.

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