This video will make you hungry and give you a little history at the same time. Today, CBS Thi Morning featured the local chain Buddy’s that is often ranked among the best – and how it’s hip now to have pizza from Detroit. So hip, that folks around the country are trying to get in on the action.

As they say in the notes of the video:

You know about Chicago’s deep dish and New York’s Neapolitan, but when it comes to pizza, the hippest variety across the country is from Detroit. Like most things in the Motor City, you can trace its roots back to the auto industry. Jeff Glor reports.

The piece also talks about Little Caesars and talks with former Freep food critic Sylvia Rector, as well as the automotive roots of one of the signature dishes of our region.

CBS also includes the information that there’s a Detroit-style pizzeria being opened in Brooklyn by some folks who have never actually been to Detroit.

Come on, before you open up a Detroit-style pizza place, you gotta try the pie here, don’t you?

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