Detroit humor-rapper Gmac Cash has dropped a new song titled “Snow,” giving voice to what everyone here is feeling right now about our wintry mix here in the dregs of February.

Filmed in a snowy driveway in front of what appears to be an early aughts-model Pontiac Grand Am GT, a fur coat- and beanie-wearing Cash verbalizes what we’re all thinking right now: “Man, I’m gettin’ tired of all this f***in’ snow!” There’s also security-camera footage of someone named Meek slipping and falling on the icy front steps. Cash continues:

“‘Bout ta throw a snowball at the weatherman / I even got on two coats and a sweater, man / When the f*** is this s*** gone get better, man?”

Cash is the rapper behind the song “Popeyes Got Roaches” from 2018. “Snow” was approaching 14,000 views on YouTube but is certainly worthy of far more.

The song will inevitably invite comparisons with T-Baby’s 2008 viral smash, “It’s So Cold in the D,” except, well, Gmac Cash actually has talent. And that song isn’t really about weather, either.

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