Ahh, the hilarious dangers of Sunday morning live television.

There are three words we’re not sure we’d ever see together, “Uncle Sam Jam,” but it’s a real thing, and WDIV reporter Nick Monacelli did a live shot from the event in Woodhaven on a giant, rainbow-colored slide.

However, the giant slide gets the last laugh – as not only does Monacelli go at basically warp speed, he hits the fence with his head.

He’s ok – “And yes, that was my head against the metal gate at the end, but Motrin is helping!” Nick Monacelli shared on his Facebook page. “Thanks to Shawn Ley and Priya KM Dhillon for filling in the gaps when I clearly had nothing left to say!”

Must also mention the great foreshadowing of, “I could have fell on live TV” as he gets into his potato sack of doom before his harrowing ride – and that he seems to be an amazingly good sport about the whole thing.

Hat Tip to TVSpy.

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