Registering to vote is important, and apparently, goes with Doritos “No Choice” brand.

It opens with a set of students talking about how they haven’t registered to vote, don’t plan to vote, or don’t like politics.

The concept behind the nearly two minute long video that has a is that if you walk up to the machine and answer that you didn’t register to vote, you get a bag with tasteless triangles no matter which of the flavors – Doritos Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch (red or blue packs) – you select. Get it? No Choice.

Inside the bag was a note, “If you’re not registered to vote, this bag is for you. It has no taste, no crunch, no choice, because if you don’t vote, someone else choses for you just like this.”

The campaign is in partnership with Rock the Vote, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to building long-term youth political power. The idea is that the Frito-Lay brand aims to address the issue that the youth vote in America has decreased significantly since 1964. One in two Americans aged 18 to 24 did not vote in 1964; by 2012, 62% did not vote, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

You can also send a bag of the flavorless chips through a microsite to someone not registered to vote.

“This election season, Doritos believes the boldest choice is making a choice, We have always believed every single person can make an impact — we all have a voice and it’s important we exercise that voice and be heard. Our campaign reinforces the idea that if you don’t make a choice, someone else chooses for you,” said Jennifer Saenz, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Frito-Lay, in a statement.

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