If you want a piece of Detroit feel-good, here you go. Funny or Die and the Detroit Pistons have teamed up for a great vid.

Detroit rap star Eminem kicks off a video that includes a laundry list of Detroit- and non-Detroit stars as well as Detroit Pistons, all set to Motown music. Although this is a marketing partnership with Funny or Die, it’s actually good. All year, the website will be producing exclusive videos for the Pistons that are used to make going to a Pistons game just a little bit better.

On top of Eminem and Kid Rock, you have Steven Yeun, John Oliver, CeeLoGreen, Lions Receiver Calvin Johnson, BIG SEAN and some others for a 20-person Oop. The idea is that it’s the longest alley-oop the Motor City has ever seen. Enjoy.

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