It opens with a shot that’s pretty indicative of what’s going on in Detroit – while one man is mowing the grass on his house, the house next door is being demolished.

This 14 minute super segment – basically, a mini-doc, but for France24, an international news channel with 260 journalists that is owned through a holding company by the French government (think BBC but with a France-focused view of the world) – dips into a few of Detroit’s corners.

Beyond some time spent with former WDET-FM host turned Land Bank spokesman and Rehabbed-and-Ready pitchman Craig Fahle, they profile Jesse Welter who gives tours to people of Detroit’s abandoned spaces, to the ever-excellent Downtown Boxing Gym, to an urban gardener from New York who bought their land for $3,000.

Of course, Slow Roll makes an appearance, as well.

It’s a bit more deliberate in pace than most American news, but it was definitely an interesting watch – that at times borders on the absurd – in case you want to kick back on a weekend night.

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