James Robertson, the “Walking Man,” embodies the spirit of Detroit.

He’s a working man who does whatever it takes to get to work on time, even if it was walking 20 miles a day.

However, when the generosity of the internet hit that led to a windfall of a new car and more than $350,000, Robertson hit challenges that befall many who try to make it out of poverty. People hitting him up for money, wanting rides in the new car, and more. Match that with a recent homicide of someone who was just rumored to have won $20,000 – and action was taken.

Turns out it was none other than Charlie LeDuff who was an active part of this story, connecting him to the Detroit Police Department and to resources to move him out of his old room he rented for a staggering $220 a week. It illustrates well that it’s not just a cash amount to get someone out of a situation, but also help in other ways as the hood life likes to hold a pretty tight grip when it can.

LeDuff also has a version of this story over on his new part-time home, Vice News. LeDuff and Vice are a pairing that just seems like a perfect match.

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