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On today’s episode, hear firsthand what it’s like to bite into a coney pasty.

That’s a pasty, the traditional U.P. pastry, filled with a Detroit-style coney that’s meant to dip into yellow mustard. They’re from Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery in Redford Township and are available for the month of April.

In other news, Amtrak wants to restore passenger rail service between Detroit and Toronto in 2020. That hasn’t been available since the pre-Amtrak late ’60s. [Curbed]

Elsewhere, late-night Detroit TV legend The Ghoul has died. During the 1970s and ’80s, Ron Sweed played the crazed host of eccentric late-night programming, inserting random sound bytes into bad horror movies and blowing things up with M-80s. The Ghoul represents an era and genre of local programming that mostly no longer exists.


  • Union Joints, the hospitality group that operates restaurants like Vinsetta Garage and Clarkston Union, plans to open its newest eatery inside the expanded Little Caesars headquarters in Detroit.
  • Motor City Casino wants to add more parking, but in this case it’s probably not worth the outrage it’s receiving in some quarters of the interwebs.
  • And the city of Sterling Heights has released renderings for a new Culver’s and LA Fitness Signature Club, which people out that way really seem to care a lot about. If you wanna see them, they’re below.
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