Although there has been a loosening of restrictions like dining capacity and gatherings between households, not only is COVID-19 not at bay but we’re experiencing a new outbreak in Metro Detroit.

Statewide, daily cases are increasing and new regional data from COVID ACT NOW shows that we’re near the same spike levels that we saw in the Spring of 2020.

COVIDACTNOW, Screenshot of Metro Detroit data from 3/17/21

This is a problem as although there is some progress with vaccination, we don’t have anywhere close to herd immunity.

Plus, we discuss the report that a large group of people won’t take the vaccine – including nearly half of Trump voters and enough portions of some demographics that it’d prevent group immunity.

Some areas, like Macomb county, are now exceeding 33 cases per 100k per day.

What’s driving this and what’s next? Dr. Paul Thomas from Plum Health Direct Primary Care joins us. He also talks about ways to build trust when it comes to the vaccine.

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