Many of you travel around Detroit on Woodward and Warren so we wanted to be sure you knew westbound Warren Ave. at Woodward Ave. will close on Friday, July 8, 2015 at 8:00 pm.

Construction crews will be working extended hours until the construction for the QLINE at this intersection is complete.

Pedestrian and vehicular detour routes will have directional signage. Motorists and pedestrians will be able to access businesses in the area. On-street parking will be maintained.

Vehicles traveling on east bound Warren Ave. will be detoured to take the following routes:

Starting on W Warren Ave. from M-10 Freeway:

  • Travel South on Cass Ave., East on Forest Ave., and North on John R St. to get to E. Warren Ave.

Starting on E Warren Ave. from I-75 Freeway:

  • Travel South on John R St., West on Mack Ave./MLK Blvd., and North on Cass Ave. to get back to W. Warren.

Please also note:

  • Pedestrian traffic will be limited in some areas along Woodward Ave.
  • Cars parked in work-zones along Woodward Ave. will be towed


Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on DetroitUnspun and used here with permission of the author.

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