Go ahead and file this under “we’re totally falling for a viral marketing campaign.” Mainly because we like beer.

The new Hopcat location in Detroit has fallen behind on their construction, with their date open moving to December 13. So we’ll get beer from them just before Christmas. Now, delays aren’t unheard of in Detroit.. after all, there’s the gosh-knows-how-many-times the Packard Plant had a “visionary” idea, or the container condo project that’s been on the maybe list for a couple of years to the point of “we’ll believe it when we see it,” and a variety of other things.

At least Hopcat is being legit about it and having a laugh at themselves. Here’s what they say on their page about their delay…

We have a ton of excuses, but we’d rather hear yours. Reply with your best excuse for our delay then share this post. We’ll pick the best excuse here (and one on Twitter @HopCatD w/hashtag #hopcatdexcuse) to win an invitation for 2 to our VIP pre-opening party. Entries due by Monday, Sept. 29 at 12:01 a.m.. Must be 21 to enter/win. Thanks for your patience!

Some of the excuses in the comments for why the Hopcat is delayed have been pretty good.

Katie Guernsey: You had Joe Nathan negotiating your vendor contracts and he just couldn’t close.

Melissa Camille: You found Nain Rouge in the basement and it will take the Ghostbusters until December 13 to attend to the little bugger.

Fritz McGirr: Matty Moroun tried to build a bridge from Canada through the job site.

Ken Cleary: We’re fighting with the Russian mafia to be able to put PBR on tap.

There are a lot more good ones and you can add your own here. Also, check out our piece on another beer place opening nearby, Jolly Pumpkin. 

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