Norris Howard joins in for Wednesday and we hit a trifecta of topics relevant to Metro Detroit. 

00:54 – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer made a speech today in Lansing outlining her Fall priorities for the state. Norris and Jer discuss. Are they your priorities? Please listen before commenting. I can usually tell. 


11:39 – Do you care about local races? There’s news that City Council President Mary Sheffield has filed to run for Detroit mayor. But turnout has been anemic in recent years. And same for some local races in the region. So are you paying attention? If not, or if you’re not voting in Detroit but could, why not? What would get you more interested in races in your local community?

Freep report:

19:39 And finally there’s a Minoru Yamasaki building in Southfield up for auction. Starting at just around $65,000 – you could have the old Reynolds Metals regional sales headquarters. What would you like to see it become?


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