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On today’s show, a piece on Vice focusing on Warren, their mayor and his survival despite scandal has been making national rounds. We have the journalist who wrote it, Trevor Bach, on to talk about it.


– The theater portion of the historic United Artist Theatre is in danger of being demolished as part of a $56 million apartment project. More on Historic Detroit and Crain’s.

– Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to set Michigan’s own overtime pay floor

– Popeye’s is bringing their Chicken Sandwich back

– One of the last KMART stores in Michigan and the last in Macomb County is closing… additional info here:

– Workers for a local bus company vote to join the Teamsters

– A cat cafe is expanding in Ferndale

– Business magnate Roger Penske is getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom

– And our conversation with Trevor Bach about Jim Fouts, Warren, and the parallels to the national conversation.

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