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Rendering of Gilly’s via ROCK (formerly Rock Ventures)

⚡️ What to know

» Gilly’s is coming to Woodward Avenue, just south of Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. 🏟 The 14,000 sq. ft spot will honor Dan Gilbert’s late son Nick, who died of Neurofibromatosis earlier this year at the age of 26. He played a role in designing the space, with plenty of ways to watch sports.

Rendering via ROCK (formerly Rock Ventures)

Gilly’s will have more than 350 seats across multiple levels, including a lower-level bar, patio dining, mezzanine, and rooftop terrace. Construction is underway and the opening scheduled for 2024.

We’ve talked about it on the podcast before that for all the love our region shows to sports, Downtown Detroit kinda doesn’t have the sports bar scene it once did — especially near the newer stadiums. On the Monday podcast, we discussed this new spot and more.

Google Street view

» A building with ties to Detroit’s old Chinatown is being demolished. ⛩ Owned by Olympia Development, there were no plans shared as to what’s next. It’s by Cass and Peterboro, steps away from a number of bustling retail spots and empty buildings. [Crain’s Detroit]

It’s frustrating when I travel to other cities so often buildings like this are saved and incorporated into something bigger and better. It seems as long as I’ve been covering this town there’s a strong preference to building surface parking lots in the middle of what should be a busy city. We have so many assets we could put to use for something interesting, but instead — it’s landscaped, fenced, lit parking lots. I wrote five years ago about how that’s not going to attract people to live here.

» An old YMCA building on Detroit’s east side is coming down. 🧱 The Hannan Memorial YMCA on E. Jefferson has been sitting empty and deteriorating for a couple decades. The city is looking to spend $2 million to demolish it. [Axios]

  • If you want to see the inside of this 1927 five-story spectacle, these photos from 2005 might do the trick. [Nailhed]

» An old car shop in Detroit’s Corktown that was converted into a swanky living space with strong car people vibes is on the market for $1.2 million. 💰 It’s two bedrooms, two bathrooms and has a roll-up door that brings Trumbull right into your living room. It was built in 1904. [Listing]

I get it. The real estate world is completely different since the pandemic. It’s just surreal to me, having lived in the city for so long we just skipped the whole “prices rise over time part” to “I could buy a big house for less than that.”

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» Michigan State University Federal Credit Union is adding five branches in the city of Chicago. The new branches will be in the Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Gold Coast, and Old Town neighborhoods.

  • There are *checks map* four MSUFCU branches (and one regional center) in all of Metro Detroit, spread between Detroit and Clarkston. The Detroit branch opened in April across from Huntington Place.

Businesses go where their customers are.

» Ford is cutting the prices on their F-150 Lightning electric pickup. 🛻 The base model is going to drop just below $50k, and the top of the line drops to $91k. The cuts ranged from about $6k to $10k. Ford says it’s because they’re able to increase production capacity. [Detroit News]  [Axios]

Readers of this newsletter will know there’s more afoot, as a number of EVs are sitting unsold, and recently Tesla cut prices. We got into the practical reasons why electrics are a big “maybe” for a lot of people on a recent podcast.

» Contract negotiations between the UAW and the Big 3 are underway. 🪧 Here are some notes.

  • Ford wants production flexibility, so that the same workers can build either an EV or a traditional internal combustion engine at the same plant depending on customer demand. Judging by comments, that’s a non-starter for many UAW workers. [Ford Authority]
  • But some other automakers, including Renault in France, already have that ability. [AssemblyMag]
  • A big sticking point is electric vehicles. They have fewer parts, and generally need fewer workers to assemble them; and of course, unionizing battery plants.
  • Union leadership isn’t afraid to strike. The economic impact to GM, Ford and Stellantis combined of a shutdown would be more than $1.8 billion per week. [CNBC]

» Pure Michigan is eliminating their national advertising after a surprise budget cut. ✂ The Pure Michigan tourism campaign budget was slashed by 2/3rds in this year’s state budget.  [MLIVE]

  • It’s also “very likely” they will stop their co-op program where they helped local tourism offices with their campaigns and split the cost.
  • So no more national ads promoting the state and tourism, and their buys will go no further than the Midwest.

» Black Cherry Vernors will be back. 🍒 Remember that test back in August of the flavor? With so much buzz? Well, starting July 24 and running through October it’ll be available in the Michigan and Toledo markets. You can grab them in 20oz, 2 liters, and 12-pack cans.

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