Shianne Nocerini is in for most of the show; and Fletcher Sharpe asks for you to throw water balloons at him.

Busy show:

01:17 – 11 and 12 Mile roads are reopening at I-75, along with southbound ramps. Shianne is very happy about this.

05:44 – There’s a new roundabout in Royal Oak at Normandy and Greenfield

08:37 – Our first cars

12:38 – MBrew in Ferndale bought and will have new chapter, we discuss

16:01 – Pizza Cat in Oak Park opening

17:24 – What is your favorite best value pizza place? People always talk about the fancy stuff. What about the cheap and cheerful? Do you have nominations?

19:32 – Fletcher Sharpe joins us to talk about the Hamtramck Labor Day festival this weekend and ask if you would please come throw water balloons at him.

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