The LGBTQ community and their supporters flooded the streets of Detroit June 6 and 7 for the annual Motor City Pride Festival. Being the largest LGBTQ pride celebration in Michigan, the weekend was jam-packed with entertainment and festivities fit for all, no matter your sexual orientation. With an endless abundance of rainbows, glitter and drag queens, the weekend attracted many attendees, with love and acceptance being at the center of it all.

San Francisco, Chicago, New York, all have their own festivals that have become widely appraised and although Detroit has only had a few years under its belt, the festival is quickly gaining recognition. Just as much as it is a festival of understanding and equality, it is one of love and annihilating hate.

Clothing, jewelry and just about anything else you could possibly want to purchase at a festival was dispersed amongst Hart plaza in tents. Arts and crafts, along with the popular face painting were also found at the celebration to show off your pride artistically. With a never-ending line of festivities, booze and fair-friendly treats (i.e. elephant ears and corn dogs), everyone was heading downtown to partake in the fun.

The excitement and the lively energy that made up the atmosphere of Hart Plaza were pretty impossible to capture through a camera lens, but the smiles were definitely contagious.


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