Robin Runyan from Urbanize Detroit is in the studio, and we're talking about a ton of projects around town.

Turkey Stearnes Field at Hamtramck Stadium was dedicated, Robin went.

Livonia residents say no to apartments because they fear they'd bring the poors (and others)

$38 million in credits is coming to Detroit to build low income units; including converting old St. Michaels catholic school on the city's east side to housing

We discuss the ongoing Hudson's saga and developers going back to the well for more incentive money; and why politicians across America almost never say no to stadiums or other projects.

Robin's thoughts on the new East Warren streetscape

The Gateway Center at Michigan and Washington Boulevard in Detroit will be demo'd - it's actually an Albert Kahn with an ugly duckling facade from the 70s. It was the Finsterwald building.

The former Studebaker Service and Sales building is becoming 162 apartments in Milwaukee Junction

And, the old Ford home in Boston Edison is for sale. A truly unique property. Keeping it up was a labor of love for a couple, here's the listing:

Drink of the show: Finnish Long Drink

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