Khary Frazier

Khary Frazier

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Saying Goodbye To The Godmother Of The North End

I’d like to give prayers and blessings to Delores Bennett’s family, friends, and supporters after her passing on Tuesday February 7, 2017. Delores Bennett was a Wayne County Commissioner for years. But she will forever live on in the mind of most as the Godmother of the North End. The North End is Detroit’s neighborhood that surrounds what was Detroit’s historic Northern High School bordered by I-75, Highland Park, Woodward Avenue, and the New Center District. Delores Bennett was one of my...

Ruin Porn? Maybe In Europe, But Not In The 313

As a Black person, and lifelong Detroit resident my understanding of the world is heavily influenced by race and process. This relates to the concept, term, and idea of ‘Ruin Porn.’ I first heard the term used in a discussion 4 years ago. I was sharing ideas about my soon to be released album ‘If Detroit were Heaven,’ and conceptually how I saw photography being coupled with the music to provide a better understanding of the album’s premise. As the art student from Center for Creative Studies...

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