Scott Kloustin

Scott Kloustin

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Social Entrepreneurship To Be Focus At Startup Weekend Detroit

Startup Weekend is this weekend! May 29-31, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. What is Startup Weekend? A weekend-long event for people interested in bringing an idea to life. You’ll meet developers, designers, and marketers who are interested in building businesses. The basic format includes an opportunity for attendees to get to know each other a bit more over pizza. So that everyone can get comfortable pitching ideas, there are some creative pitch exercises. Each attendee can pitch their own...

ESSAY: Why Everyone Should Experience Startup Weekend Detroit

Startup Weekend is like no other event or competition. It compresses many of the key aspects of a startup into 2.5 days. You pitch an idea, lobby for that idea, recruit or join a team, validate your idea, talk to potential customers, build your technology, and at the end of it all, present what you’ve accomplished. Here’s an account of how Startup Weekend Detroit 2013 went for me: First Night, Friday: Pitching gives you the chance to express an idea in 60 seconds. Everyone should pitch an...

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