Today's podcast seems to be brought to you by the letter "B."

Producer Shianne is in the co-host chair and we cover everything from a favorite old White Stripes show being available online - to new supersized gas station speculation - to a new spot in Berkley - to a little love for the People Mover in light of the Draft street closures.

00:58 - White Stripes old show at the Magic Stick from 20+ years ago is available online

03:17 - Bucc-ee's speculation with a new billboard popping up in West Michigan. Jer's been, so he talks about it. Here's an article on the Bucc-ee's speculation.

11:02 - Bombshell Treat Bar opens in Berkley. Jer went to the media preview, and has the tasty details.

14:16 - People Mover love in light of the closures and traffic - should we have more elevated rail?

Also, if you're interested in meeting up during the draft send us a note!

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