Norris Howard is back and ready to go.

– We open the show talking about his recent trips to Toronto and Las Vegas and what he feels like Detroit could learn from especially Toronto 

07:14 – Jer went to Cafe Sous Terre and was very impressed. It’s great to see a place get so much early traction. Norris can’t wait to go, and talks about why he loves to just hang out in Midtown

13:21 – There’s money to redo the Hart Plaza and the steps to the Underground Railroad monument. We reminisce as we both remember when the Dodge Fountain worked, and talked about the overall state of the plaza and what should be next.

13:21 There’s been a proposal to rename Hart Plaza to Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza. Norris thinks we need to get more creative with who we honor in Detroit, and focus on honoring those from Detroit or Michigan.

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