Cinema Detroit, who are in the process of moving from their current home to their new location at 4126 Third Street, have been the primary source for first-run, quality film in Midtown and Downtown Detroit for nearly two years.

However, in order to keep providing a high quality entertainment experience patrons have come to love, the theater is reaching out to the community for support.

As it turns out, when film studios send digital versions of films to the theater, they have a security encryption in place on the files that require special equipment that can decrypt the encoding. This “DCI-compliant” equipment is costly, especially for a small operation like Cinema Detroit.

In order to help with this and several other expenses, the company recently launched a fund raising campaign on Patroncity – a crowdfunding mechanism created in partnership with The Michigan Economic Development Corporation to revolutionize the way funds are applied for, evaluated and approved.

Patroncity projects that successfully meet their fundraising goal on this platform will receive a matching donation through the Public Spaces Community Places grant.

Make a donation to receive great benefits like free or reduced price movie passes and concessions, and much more.

Make your contribution now by clicking here.

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