Detroiters can now see Detroit’s demolished and soon-to-be demolished houses online with the city’s new Demolition Tracker map.

This is especially exciting news for Detroiters who live near blighted homes. No longer will they be left to wonder if the house next door will ever come down. The map shows houses that scheduled to be demolished up to 90 days in advance.

The online map will be updated constantly as new houses are demolished and contracted for demolition. The Demolition Tracker lists the more than 9,500 structures demolished since January 2014 as well as 700 addresses currently under contract for demolition.

With this new tool, anyone can track the nation’s largest demolition program, which has been awarded more than a quarter-billion dollars by the U.S. Treasury Department and Michigan State Housing Development Authority. In 2014, Detroit took down 4,000 vacant buildings. This year, the city will take down 5,000 dangerous structures and 6,000 more in 2017.

The Demolition Tracker, accessible at, has been in development for more than a year. Residents using the tracker can simply enter any address in Detroit into the search bar to see what demolitions already have taken place and which houses are under contract for demolition and when they are projected to be knocked down.

The map shows a blue dot for every house that has come down since January 2014. As of today, that number is 9,524. By clicking any of those dots, visitors can see the address, actual knock down date, contractor, and cost of the demolition.

Every house under contract for demolition is displayed with an orange dot. As of today, there are 708 on the map. Clicking any of those dots will show the address, anticipated knock-down date, the contractor selected, and the bid amount for the demolition.

As the houses are demolished, the dots will change from orange to blue. As more houses are contracted, new orange dots will be added to the Demolition Tracker.

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